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Made in Korea · Since 1998

about IRINGO

IRINGO launched in 1998, and is now known globally for greatest education toy. IRINGO designed the world's first angle-changeable 3D joint block. It not only can make what the children imagine, but also change form. It helps to improve children's imagination, creativity, IQ and EQ. 


Also IRINGO is the best sensibility Block that Children can express their thoughts through IRINGO and then infuse vitality into it. In addition, IRINGO improves children's tactile, visual, and hearing senses : The blocks being put together and moved are helpful for the improvement of their sense of touch and various colors of the blocks improve their visual senses. Lastly, the sounds of assembling the blocks improve hearing sense! - It is the only Learning block that simultaneously grow and develop these three senses. IRINGO is a world-recognized excellent brand and it has been exporting to Japan, the USA, China, Europe, Australia and all over the world. 

Greeting from CEO

Recently, Toy blocks are not just 'simple toys'. They have more meaning as 'educational toys'. Every year in the global block market, many kinds, and brands, of blocks are produced, and they can be put together in many different ways.

IRINGO is recognized as the world's first angle-changeable 3D joint block, and we are raising the standard in Korea. It can be assembled in any direction (up and down, left and right, vertically and horizontally in any direction) and after assembly it is possible to transform the shape and even rotate it 180 degrees. So, IRINGO is a special 3D block that can represent various scenes realistically.


Also, the blocks being put together and moved are helpful for hearing sense as well as the visual, tactile senses of children. Beyond the creative and scientific effects, IRINGO is also good at improving emotional expression of children. In the process of assembling the blocks and the process of transformation after completion, children can express their emotions through IRINGO. Therefore, IRINGO is called 'a sensibility block' in which emotion is alive. IRINGO is the most effective block in elementary school education as well as early childhood education and a Science-Creative-Sensibility block that is praised and recommended by domestic and foreign education experts.

In the future, "IRINGO is a science: that can geometrically express the phases of imagination-assembly-harmony-transformation" as a motto, IRINGO will do our best to contribute to developing all children's imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Thank you.



Educational Philosophy of IRINGO


Toys made of children's favorite rings


1. Children's favorite toys! It helps children to develop their creativity, thoughts and concentration through play without any difficulty.

2. Blocks made of RINGs! Look at the world like a RING and Learn how to use flexible thinking for growing up to be proper children.

IRINGO Patent and Certification


IRINGO History

Nov. 2005  - Registered IRINGO trademark.

Mar. 2006  - Established IRINGO Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2006  - Registered a patent for chain block toy.
Apr. 2006  - Registered IRINGO design.
July. 2006  - Registered a patent for one-block assembly blocks.

May. 2007  - Registered Invention patents in major countries of the world.
May. 2007  - Obtained the KC mark(Korean safety certification).

Oct. 2008  - Signed a product sales contract with Yujin Robot Gina World.

Dec. 2009  - Exported to "Sparkprofit", Russia's largest toy distribution company.

Jan. 2010  - Exhibited at the Hong Kong Toy Show.
July. 2010  - Launched the Kindergarten Gifted Education Program.

Apr. 2011  - Hosted IRINGO Exhibition and Assembly Competition at Elements Mall in Hong Kong.
Sep. 2011  - Obtained the CE mark(European Safety Certification).

May. 2012  - Obtained the ASTM mark(American Safety Certification).
Sep. 2012  - Exported to "Samhwa Trading Co., Ltd.", Japanese trading company.
Dec. 2012  - Launched Home Shopping.

Oct. 2013  - Signed a product sales contract with "Hakyeon", a Japanese school, Kindergarten

Oct. 2013  - Signed a product sales contract with Japanese publisher "World Culture History".
Oct. 2013  - Obtained the ST mark(Japanese Safety Certification).

Mar. 2014  - Launched for Nuri curriculum.
July. 2014  - Exhibited at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2014.
Oct. 2014  - Signed a export contract with "Beijing Seongyong Limited Co., Ltd.".

Nov. 2014  - Exhibited at the Mom & Baby Expo 2014(held in KINTEX).
Dec. 2014  - Obtained the CCC mark(Chinese Safety Certification).

Mar. 2015  - Launched "Iringo Gifted Education Program" for Nursery Education.
May. 2015  - Launched "SANGSANG TOY season 1" with KYOWON Co., Ltd.

June. 2015  - Exhibited at Australia's Toys Fair in Melbourne.
Oct. 2015  - Established IRINGO Australia pty Ltd. and exports.

Feb. 2016  - Entered into Japanese offline market "AEON-Mart (Japanese discount store)", 

                  "Yodobashi camera(Japanes Multimedia Shop)", "Tokyu-hands(Japanese Multi-Shop)",
                  "Large book chain store" so on.

Feb. 2016  -  Sponsored "EBS Ding Dong Dang Kindergarten(a Korean TV show)".

Mar. 2016  - Signed a MOU with "Cooking Art".

Apr. 2016  - Unveiled "Genius and Brain Plus"(IRINGO 2016's New products).
May. 2016  - Unveiled "SANGSANG TOY season 2" with KYOWON Co., Ltd.

May. 2016  - Entered into Exhibit Hall Market(Incheon).

May. 2016  - Exhibited at the Seoul Fairytale Festival 2016.

June. 2016  - Participated in the KOTRA export trade.

July. 2016  - Opened "IRINGO CITY" in the EBS Little SOCIUM(Daegu).
Aug. 2016  - Participated in the 111th China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair.

Sep. 2016  - Exported to Thailand.

Sep. 2016  - Participated in the Joy Olpark Festival(Seoul).

Dec. 2016  - Entered into all of the Toysrus stores in South korea.

Dec. 2016  - Entered into Michuhol i Market(Incheon).

Jan. 2017  - Exhibited at the Hong Kong Toy Show.

Jan. 2017  - Participated in the Taiwan Kaohsiung Lantern Festival.

Apr. 2017  - Won the 2017 Hi Seoul brand award.

May. 2017 -  Participated in the Rakluke Family Festival 2017 in Bangkok.

June. 2017  - Participated in the Small Businesses Marketing Fair 2017(KINTEX).

Aug. 2017  - Selected as a Sample exhibitor in the driver's license test center (Incheon).

Aug. 2017  - Entered into Experience Zone in Starfield (Goyang).

Sep. 2017  - Participated in the Joy Olpark Festival(Seoul).

Nov. 2017  - Exhibited at the 122nd Canton Fair.

Nov. 2017  - Exhibited at the Vietnam Int’l Maternity·Baby & Kids Fair.

Nov. 2017  - Sponsor an Angel's fighting.

Jan. 2018  - Exhibited Toy&Game Fair in Hong Kong.

Jan. 2018  - Enters GS convenience stores.

May. 2018  - Signed a distributor agreement with Artcon company in China.

July. 2018  - Unveiled IRINGO new products.

Sep. 2018  - Exhibited International Gift Show in Tokyo.

Oct. 2018  - Exhibited Shanghai Toy Expo in China.

Nov. 2018  - Exhibited Guangzhou Canton Fair.

Jan. 2019  - Exhibited Toy&Game Fair in Hong Kong.

July. 2019  - Be designated promising export company.

Aug. 2019  - Participated in exhibition of amphibians and reptiles (Launch IRINGO Reptiles Block). 

Sep. 2019  - Participated in Global Sourcing Fair in Seoul.

Nov. 2019  - Participated in Global Children's Education Exhibition&Kids Fair (Seoul).

Apr. 2020  - Launch New Products (Safari Adventure).

May. 2020  - Launch New Products (Transformers the Battle).

Oct. 2020  - Launch New Products (Walking Plus Alpha).

Feb. 2021  - Launch New Products (Racing car from Chiron).

Apr. 2022  - Launch New Products (Amazing Story 1,2).

July. 2022  - headquarters expanded and moved.

IRINGO CO.LTD | CEO. HEO IN DEOK | Company Registration Number. 137-81-74026 | e-mail.

Address. 140, Namdongdong-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

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