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Made in Korea · Since 1998






It is safe to put in a mouth.

All parts are produced in Korea, and passed safety tests in Korea, Europe, America and Japan.


You can make all the works your kids think.

It has outstanding transformation function between blocks so they can make any shape.


It is very effective in developing kid's creativity and thinking ability.

While creating a work, it stimulate kid's large and small muscles and improve their Hand-Eye Coordination, logical thinking and creativity. It is excellent for understanding three-dimensional shapes and boosting their spatial awareness skill.


It helps your kids raise their emotional intelligence.

After creating the work, you can express your feelings through your work.

IRINGO is popular with Kindergarten, a daycare center for children, as well as parents, also with teachers!

"Moving and sounding, the iringo is an excellent block to stimulate brain development, creativity, thinking, and concentration."

"It is a new concept block that enhances the spatial perception ability and sensibility cognitive ability through the process of putting and turning."


# Video Source

   Aired on Daily News Pang Pang Idea Contest

Learning stage for Nursery Education by levels


5 years

- Basic stage of block play learning to create and modify sculptures and    

  familiarize with blocks.

- Improvement of brain development and sociality through the process of

  connecting and turning blocks.


6 years

- Inquiry stage to understand the constitution principle of the sculpture while thinking logically.

- Improve thinking and concentration by thinking about how to make a given sculpture.


7 years

- Stage of the creative process of solving problems with high-level thinking power and creating works with creative thinking

- Improvement of problem-solving ability and creativity through process of transforming a given sculpture through expansion of thinking and making it according to his own thinking

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